5 Things You Didn’t Know About Voting in Canada

5) Canadian Voters Get Time Off Of Work Every voter in this Canada’s Federal election must have 3 consecutive hours off work to vote. If you have 3 consecutive hours of your own time available during polling hours, your employer does not need to give you

5 Auto Insurance Mistakes Canadians Make

5) Not knowing your policy When you finally decide on an insurance policy, make sure you know what exactly what is covered and what isn’t. You don’t want to assume you’re covered for a particular accident and then find out you don’t have the coverage

5 Retirement Myths Every Canadian Should Know

5) You Need Millions of Dollars to Retire You could be overestimating the money you need to retire. Starting to save for retirement early is a good idea, but you don’t need an astronomical amount to live comfortably. An important thing to note you retire

5 Common Canadian Pension Plan Mistakes

5) Not Considering Taking Your Pension Early If you weren’t already aware you can now take out your CPP retirement pension at age 60 before you even retire. This of course comes at a cost that you have to take into account with your entire

5 Things Canadians Don’t Know About TFSAs

5) The Annual TFSA Limit is Now $10,000 As of 2015   The federal government just increased the Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA) contribution limit from $5,500 to $10,000 per year. This means that you can get higher interest rates or investment returns by contributing

5 Banking Mistakes Canadians Make

5) Keeping Your Checking and Savings Account In The Same Bank   This is simply a matter of self control. Having both your checking and savings account in the same bank can make it really tempting for you to use up your savings. This of

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Your RRSP

5) An RRSP Isn’t an Investment Account, It’s a Holding Account   You don’t have to invest your money into any mutual funds, ETFs or stocks while it is in your RRSP, even though it is probably a good idea. an RRSP could simply act